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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Adelaide High School (formerly Adelaide Boys High School)

West Terrace ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

photo-icon Ryan Cantwell

Built 1947-51 as the Adelaide Boys High School and designed by Sydney architects E B Fitzgerald and J R Brogan, the building is of architectural significance as 'the first mainstream International style building in Adelaide' (R Apperly et al 'A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture' 1989, p 215). The school itself is of interest because of its origins as South Australia's first Government high school, the Advanced School for Girls, originally located in Grote Street, Adelaide, which in 1908 amalgamated with the Pupil Teacher School and the Grote St Model School to become the Adelaide Continuation School (briefly) and then Adelaide High School. The place is also significant for including the site of the Adelaide Observatory (1859-1940s), which for many years was associated with (Sir) Charles Todd, the first Government 'Observer' and Superintendent of Electric Telegraphs who was responsible for the construction of the Overland Telegraph from Port Augusta to Darwin, which linked Australia to Britain in 1872. (HB: 8/2006)

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  • Date of Listing: 28 November 1985

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