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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Adelaide General Post Office (GPO)

141-159 King William Street ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

Opened in 1872, the Adelaide GPO was one of South Australia's most important public buildings, and represents the critical role played by postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications in the development of the state.The scale and impressive architectural detailing of the building and its prominent location in the centre of Adelaide reflect its importance as the focus of the network of communication services in South Australia for many decades. Its construction was the result of the entrepreneurial drive of Postmaster-General Sir Charles Todd, who was instrumental in establishing telegraphic communications in both South Australia and Australia and in encouraging the state Government's monopolistic control of all communication services in South Australia.The subsequent additions to the building and the construction of the separate Telephone Exchange were a direct response to increasing demand for the new technologies of telegraph and telephone services in the years leading up to and following Federation. [HB 11/2006]

The listing includes the original 1872 building, remaining 1893 extensions, former Telephone Exchange (1907) and its 1914 extension

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 24 July 1980

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