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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Adelaide City Park Motel (former Green Dragon Hotel)

239 South Terrace ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

Built 1857 for John Mitten, a coach driver, the Green Dragon Hotel is one of a very few hotels in the City of Adelaide with a major part of its structure dating from this early period (see also the Rob Roy Hotel in Halifax Street, registered place 13434). Because it was originally built as a substantial two storey structure in 1858, it was unaltered in the speculative building period of the mid to late 1870s. However, as part of its development, additions were undertaken in 1891, 1908 and 1924. Architecturally, the hotel's austere design reflects the period before the more prosperous times from the mid 1860s. (PJS 25/11/97)

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 11 September 1986

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