Podcast interview with Durkhanai Ayubi

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Durkhanai Ayubi

"Home for me is many things. In some ways, I feel quite connected to my home in Adelaide and to the life that's been built here, but in other ways I'll forever feel like a traveller - and I think that's okay."

Forced by conflict to flee her birthplace of Afghanistan with her family when she was just two, first to a Refugee Camp before re-locating to Australia, Durkhanai Ayubi has grappled with questions around identity and belonging much of her life.

In Adelaide she has found the freedom to think, explore and seek out answers to many of those questions, as well as the opportunity to forge a connection, for herself and the broader community, back to her family's roots through the sharing of Afghani food.

In this episode, Durkhanai shares how she continues to discover her full potential as a member of Adelaide's much-loved Parwana restaurant family, a co-owner with her sisters of city eatery Kutchi Deli Parwana and through life-long learning.

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